Many factors come into play when determining how long a shoot will take.  We work efficiently while still making sure we leave your property with the high level of quality that we are known for.  A standard sized home will typically last between 30 min to a little over an hour.  It is important that the home be prepped properly to have everything running smoothly.  Please be mindful to schedule all cleaning, staging, and renovation crews within enough time for us to show up to a prepped and clean house ready to shoot.

See our home prep guide here

Square Footage:

We do not charge by square footage.  We believe in simple pricing and capturing effective images that sell homes.  Typically 25 images is just enough for a standard sized home.  We often recommend higher packages or more images if you have a larger home, or a lot of things you wish to showcase.   

I booked a shoot, now what?:

During the booking process we like to get as much information as we need to show up on time and prepared for your shoot.  If nobody will be on-site the day of please provide lockbox / Supra e-key codes prior to our arrival.  You don't need to be there the day of the shoot, but you are more than welcome to be present.  If there will be a homeowner present please let them know we will be coming and communicate to them the importance of prepping, decluttering, and cleaning their home.   

Home Prep:

Great photos are only one piece of the puzzle. Presentation is everything when trying to get potential homebuyers in the door.  It's extremely important that the home is prepped properly and ready to go by the day of the shoot.  Use the same principals you would right before an open house.  Please see our prep guide here, and forward this to your homeowners if the property is still occupied.  

Note: if a house is not prepared the photographer will determine if it is still able to be photographed.  We will either shoot the property as-is or reschedule / cancel the shoot.  Please see our rescheduling / cancellation policy below.  


Payment is due on or before the session date.  You can pay anytime prior to your session, or we can charge your card on file at the time of the session. Pictures will not become available until your full payment is received.  

Rescheduling / Cancellation:

There are times when it will be necessary to reschedule, for example, due to inclement weather.  However, if a client requests to reschedule within 24 to 1 hours of the set appointment time, a $50 fee will be added to the session.  If we arrive and the home is not ready to have pictures taken, or the property is not accessible, a cancellation fee of our minimum session fee ($149) will be charged.